Black Silicon: The Manifesto

Black silicon is a direct strategy for direct action.

Black Silicon is a direct response to systemic inequality, institutional conformity and cultural degradation. There's a reason "Black" Culture has become synonymous with "Urban" Culture, we have been systematically driven into the cities through predatory banking and Jim Crow laws losing 20 million acres over the last 100 years. Pushed back from our land to the cities again, we lost even more cultural and ecological infrastructure. Food, water and shelter became a socio-economic privilege opposed to a mere result of holistic permaculture. The systemic appendages of race based enslavement allowed for mass amount of skilled labor at literal slave wages. Black innovation was and is used today as a cultural stepping stone, a valued critique  and approval in commerce. In the worlds of technology, design, media and entertainment, the world sees this all too plainly. Instead of being a part of a symbiotic ecology, we're historically and presently treated like champion show dogs. Fiscally, we earn 1% of the riches gained from our creative works, that 1% is the "treat".

Black Silicon

Our Story

Our Founders are committed, lifelong revolutionaries from various ideologies & walks of life. However we all agree on one thing, we must center our cultural strengths and heal our cultural trauma by building eco-cultural infrastructure. As millions filled the streets in 2020 to acknowledge police brutality and the merciless public killing of George Floyd, we rushed to answer the call of the people, holding space for those just now finding themselves among an age old movement for Black Liberation.  Speech after speech, song after song, night after night, time passed and the people simply would not absorb our lived experience through our messaging. We know actions speak louder than words, this series of events made Portland the official epicenter of a global call for justice and racial equity. There was so much presence, platforms opened, non-profits formed and money raised just in Portland, Oregon let alone globally... at the end of the day, we're in the same boat with nothing to show but 1 poor excuse for justice, overdue and bittersweet. After filtering out the clout chasing, opportunist capitalism and tokenization, we found our common ground, a path we were all committed to; 

total abolition of systemic inequality through culturally centered infrastructure. 

GRANTS and services WE OFFER


We fund projects that advance our cultural strengths and heal our cultural trauma. 


We create grants for R&D think tanks that improve equity, innovation and ecology.


  We incubate and fund critical decentralized platforms and distributed micro-economies.


Investment management for community wealth and circular economy development is key.


Eco-Cultural projects that  enhance our relationship with the earth, we fund that. 


Renewable energy production from food waste &  biomass to natural gas and thermal energy.